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Woman's Hour Power List 2018: Women in Music

Kitty Marion was a German born actress and suffragette. A prolific bomber and arsonist she was imprisoned and force-fed over two hundred times. As well as campaigning for the vote she campaigned for birth control and for the right for a safe working environment. Jenni is joined by the historian Dr Fern Riddell, who has written her story in a new book 'Death in Ten Minutes'. Today we launch the Woman's Hour Power List 2018. We're focusing on Women in Music and will be celebrating the achievements of women in front of the mic and behind the scenes who've made it to the very top. The foreign Intelligence Service, MI6 want to recruit more women, parents and employees from ethnic minorities. In the hope of attracting a more diverse workforce, for the first time in their 110-year history, they are using a TV advert. Despite having had a surge in applications since the Skripals' poisoning in Salisbury the secret intelligence agency say they want to broaden their reach, looking for people who "challenge the status quo". We hear from Annie Machon, a former MI5 intelligence officer. Kitty Marion was a German born actress and suffragette. A prolific bomber and arsonist she was imprisoned and force-fed over two hundred times. As well as campaigning for the vote she campaigned for birth control and for the right for a safe working envirnoment. Jenni is joined by the historian Dr Fern Riddell, who has written her story in a new book 'Death in Ten Minutes'. How much responsibility do young adult fiction authors have when it comes to subject matter? Given the age range, is there anything that should be off limits? Bare Lit, a literary festival in London this weekend, will discuss the issue at a seminar. Candy Gourlay, an author on the panel, and Liz Kessler, another YA fiction writer discuss. Food writer and sourdough baker, Vanessa Kimbell teaches students about gut-friendly bread at her popular Sourdough School. In her new book 'The Sourdough School' she shares her knowledge with home bakers. Vanessa joins Jenni in the

Parenting: Fortnite

What is it about Fortnite? Jane talks to Vicky Smalley, Chief Technological Officer, Fundamental VR and Belinda Parmar, formerly Lady Geek and now a campaigner for tech addiction.about what video games your children are playing and why they are so compelling.

Sarah Price, Sextortion, Artificial Intelligence, Sally Bayley, Abortion

The garden designer Sarah Price has won gold at Chelsea Flower Show for her wild, romantic garden, which she hopes creates 'an intimate, sheltered oasis of calm.' Jenni asks about her inspiration and her style which is described as 'painterly'. A British technology company is using artificial intelligence to set their employees' salaries. Satalia is striving for complete transparency with staff members directly influencing their colleagues' wages through an algorithm. Could this work for more businesses and would it narrow the gender pay gap? Jenni is joined by Satalia's organisational psychologist, Angela Yin and Tomasz Obloj, associate professor of strategy at the international business school HEC Paris. Tomorrow is the Irish referendum on abortion. People will vote on whether to repeal the 8th Amendment or not. But how has Ireland reached this point? Dr Sorcha Ui Chonnachtaigh from Keele University describes the major milestones of the Irish abortion debate, going back 160 years to the Offences Against a Person Act from when the British ruled Ireland. Jenni is joined by author, Sally Bayley, whose memoir Girl With Dove: A Life Built By Books is published this week. She explains how as a child escaping into the world of books helped make sense of the confusing behaviour of the adults around her and, why at just fourteen, she put herself into care. More people are falling victim to sextortion or webcam blackmail. This is when people are lured into sending sexually explicit images online only to be blackmailed later by criminal gangs. Latest figures show the numbers have tripled in two years. Jenni speaks to Roy Sinclair from the National Crime Agency's Anti-Kidnap and Extortion Unit. Presenter: Jenni Murray Photo Credit: M&G.

Playwright and actor Athena Stevens, the Irish abortion referendum, BBC Women's Footballer of the Year.

Playwright Athena Stevens joins Jenni to talk about her new play, in which she also star, Schism, which has just opened at the Park Theatre in London. It maps the 20 year relationship between failed-architect Harrison, and student Katherine, examining the imbalance in power between men and women and disabled and non-disabled people, and the impact it can have on relationships. The Eighth Amendment was introduced In Ireland after a referendum in 1983. It gives a woman and a foetus equal rights and rules termination out, unless the life of the woman is in grave danger. On Friday Irish people will be asked to vote again. Do they want to change the 8th Amendment of the Constitution or do they want to keep it and leave things as they are. Siobhann Tighe, meets a family in County Kildare: Mum, Dad and their grown-up daughter who's pregnant, who all have a different take on the Eighth. Jenni talks to Amy Bloom about her new novel White Houses a story created around the long-standing affair between Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok . Historians have debated the nature of their relationship, but it's now generally thought to have been a deep romance. Plus we hear from the BBC Women's Footballer of the Year.

Anita Dobson, the 'Seduction Community', Feminist Finance

Actor Anita Dobson plays an uptight matriarch in her new play, 3Women, by comedian Katy Brand. She discusses what the play says about being a woman today, and reflects on her 40 year career and never escaping Angie Watts - the Eastenders character that made her famous. Plus, the 'seduction community' - the world of men who think they can learn to attract women through training and practice. There's an industry of seminars, guidebooks, and tutorials, and a lot of money to be made from teaching 'skills'. So what does it tell us about these men and attitudes towards women? Rachel O'Neill is a Research Fellow in Sociology at the University of York and author of Seduction: Men, Masculinity & Meditated Intimacy. Gender linked investment funds. The first mainstream fund to invest in UK companies based on their gender balance is to be launched. Dame Helena Morrissey, Head of Personal Investing at Legal and General, explains why she's spearheading the fund. Gender pay gap reporting: what will happen to the 1500 companies who failed to report by the deadline? Rebecca Hilsenrath, CEO of the Equality and Human Rights Commission explains. And the economic cost of child marriage. 12 million girls are married every year, yet ending child marriage could add trillions to the global economy. That's according to a study by the World Bank and the International Centre for Research on Women. Lyric Thompson, Director of Policy & Advocacy at the ICRW, and Mabel van Oranje, Chair of Girls Not Brides discuss. Presenter: Jane Garvey Producer: Emma Wallace.

What is it about Fortnite? A Feminist Government in Wales?

There's been much talk about the Duchess of Sussex and her official bio on the royal family website including the quote "I am proud to be a woman and feminist". We discuss. First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, leader of the Welsh Government is pledging to make it feminist despite the fact he'll be standing down from the post in the Autumn. He outlines his plans to review the Welsh Government's gender equality and women's right's policies. Almost a year to the day, a suicide bomber let off a bomb at an Ariana Grande concert. 22 people were killed and hundreds were injured. One of those who died was Martyn Hett. His mother, Figen Murray, talks about the impact of his death on his family. Why do children and teenagers love the video game Fortnite so much? We'll be hearing from two teenagers as they play the game and we'll be looking at the pros and cons for children participating in this latest craze. Street etiquette is generally referred to as the unspoken way in which strangers should act towards each other in public spaces. But how much of it speaks to a power play between men and women? What are the subtle and not so subtle ways in which everyday sexism happens on the streets? Presenter: Jane Garvey Reporter: Sue Elliott-Nichols Editor: Karen Dalziel.

Weekend Woman's Hour: Conservationist Sacha Dench. Domestic abuse and young women. Feminist Germaine Greer.

Conservationist Sacha Dench tells us about her long distance flight following the migration of the endangered Bewick Swans, for which she was awarded the Britannia Trophy. Photo Credit WWT Why is there still a gulf between how hard you work and what you can achieve in your career if you are a Black and Minority Ethnic woman? Feminist and author Germaine Greer talks about the revised edition of The Change, Women Aging and the Menopause, which she first published 20 years ago. The campaign to increase the maximum amount of time you can store your eggs if you freeze them for "social" rather than medical reasons. As the latest ONS Crime Survey reveals that young women in their mid to late teens are in the age group most likely to experience domestic abuse, we hear from three young women now in their twenties about what happened to them in their first serious relationships. Plus the Grammy award winning US singer Rita Coolidge discusses her 50 year career and her new album and Sophia Hilton owner of Not Another Salon in Brick Lane in London on the explosion of creative and colourful hair trends. Presenter; Jenni Murray Producer: Rabeka Nurmahomed Editor: Beverley Purcell.

The explosion in creative and colourful hair trends

Grey hair, pastel hair, 'hidden rainbow' hair... In the last few years there has been an explosion of creative and colourful hair trends, which have taken Instagram by storm. Why is there such a demand for 'rebellious' unnatural hair colours, or is creative colour becoming normalised? Sophia Hilton is the owner of Not Another Salon in Brick Lane, London is behind several of the creative hair trends. Sophia explains the reality behind these Instagram hair 'transformations'. A week today Ireland will be voting YES or NO in the Referendum on the 8th Amendment. Essentially voters are being asked whether they want to change the law on abortion or whether things should stay the same. Currently a pregnant woman can only have an abortion if her life is at risk. When Ireland had the referendum on equal marriage 3 years ago many Irish people living and working abroad went home to vote, and there was a real party feel. This time round, voters are returning, but it's hard to say if there's the same kind of mood. Our reporter Siobhann Tighe has been speaking to two women in their twenties, Lauren and Karen, who live in London but are gearing up to travel home. Be prepared to be transported back to the Palace of Versailles and the court of Louis XIV when Les Kapsber'Girls perform some forgotten French 'popular' songs from the 17th century. The four female musicians who make up the ensemble, Alice Duport-Percier, Axelle Verner, Barbara Hunninger, Albane Imbs, first met at the Conservatoire National Supérieur Musique et Danse in Lyon, where they were studying. They decided to create Les Kapsber'Girls in order to promote overlooked compositions which have fallen out of classical fashion and offer an updated version of 17th and 18th century vocal and instrumental songs. A study by the National Childbirth Trust in 2015 found that 38 per cent of new fathers were worried about their mental health. Earlier this year Jonathan Davies identified himself as having postnatal depression and decided to take action. He tells Jenni his expe

Recy Taylor, Eggs, House of Gold, Weddings

How long should a woman be allowed to store her frozen eggs for potential future use? The UK Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 states that all gametes can be stored for up to 10-years, but for medical egg and sperm storage it can be extended to 55 years. Should the law be extended for all women? Jenni talks to Dr Kylie Baldwin, senior lecturer in medical sociology at De Montfort University, Carolyn Payne, who went through the process ten years ago and Professor Robert Winston. Professor of Science & Society at Imperial College London. Recy Taylor was a 24 year old black mother who was raped by six white men in Alabama in 1944. Civil rights activist Rosa Parks took up her case and it triggered an unprecedented outcry for justice in the US. Nancy Buirski has made a documentary 'The Rape of Recy Taylor' and joins Jenni to discuss this crime that was a catalyst for the civil rights movement. With the Royal Wedding coming up at the weekend, what is the cost of being a wedding guest? From finding the perfect outfit to finding the perfect present, how much pressure is put on guests to spend money? Lauren Bravo and Danielle Dash are both writers, and join Jenni to discuss the price-tag that can come with being invited to a wedding. Natasha Solomons' novel House of Gold chronicles the life of the Goldbaums, an influential European banking family, at the outbreak of the First World War. The family are rich beyond belief but they discover that their wealth cannot shield them from the rampant anti-Semitism that is taking hold across the continent. Jenni talks to Natasha about the challenges of tackling such a fraught historical period amid more recent European political turmoil and reports of anti-Semitism. Presenter: Jenni Murray.

Surviving the Rwandan Genocide

Clemantine Wamariya on surviving the Rwandan genocide at age six after being separated from her parents. She and her 15 year old sister spent six years crossing Africa in search of safety, eventually finding their way to the US, where she earned a degree from Yale. Now a human rights advocate, she joins Jenni to talk about her experiences, which she has written about in her book, The Girl Who Smile Beads. Black, Asian and minority ethnic women in business: what are the barriers to success, and how can one get on when representation's so low? Women business leaders from around the world have been meeting at the Women in Trade - or WINTRADE - conference, where they discussed the issue. We speak to lawyer and women's leadership campaigner, Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, and Heather Melville OBE, Head of Business Inclusion for Commercial & Private Banking at NatWest and one of the UK's most senior black female businesswomen. Also, 'The Human Swan': aviator and conservationist Sacha Dench who flew 7000km following the migration of endangered swans from the Arctic Circle. She's now become the first woman in 50 years to win the prestigious aviation award the Britannia Trophy. She joins Jenni to talk about her achievement, thrill-seeking, and how to get more women into aviation. Plus, gardening icon Beth Chatto. Following her death at the age of 94, we celebrate her life and gardening legacy with her granddaughter Julia Boulton, and with garden and landscape designer, Matthew Wilson, who also knew Beth.

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